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Feel free to say a few words about your new look...

Ashley Davies, from facebook, I can't wait to see you tomorrow!! For you I know it's work and you love what you do but I LOVE what you do!! It must be an amazing feeling to make people feel beautiful on a daily basis!! I am so thankful for you and the work you do and I love when strangers stop me and ask me who does my hair...and it happens all the time!! #youareincredible #youmakedreamscometrueafewhoursatatime #icantwaittoseeyoutomorrow

from facebook:
   Rebecca L., Jessica Lea Straub is the best, for hair color and just an overall awesome person to hang with while you are processing.
   Kerri R., def agree on that!!! she is the best!! and most fun.
   Jessica Lea Straub, Aww!! You both are so sweet! Thanks for making me smile and coming to see me!!
   Stephanie Y. V., Obsessed! You truly are the most amazing at what you do!
Heather F., New York City, ...we just had 'Good Morning America' filming her and all the hair and and makeup people were asking, "OMG who does your hair" and they all thought it was just a good cut! They were just raving about the cut and color! You should feel good, they were just so complimentary. You are truly so talented.

Britney B., Tampa, FL.,, Jessica has been doing my hair for years and she never fails to make my hair gorgeous. I've seen her do great things with all hair types and she is so creative, both in coloring and styling. I can't tell you how many times I've come for a visit without a clear idea of what I wanted, and despite my vague description or my "whatever you think would look good", Jessica always manages to figure it out and make me a happy girl with beautiful hair. She listens to her clients wishes, but also gives professional advice on what may or may not work. My appointments with her are always fun, we gossip and chat like old friends. Her suite is stylish but still makes you feel at home, and she always has refreshments and treats for her clients. Jessica is the very best at what she does, so if you want to have great hair and a great experience, she is the girl for you!

Natalie K., Tampa, FL.,, Jessica is literally the best thing that happened to my hair. She is super professional and her salon is modern, clean and comfortable. She is knowledgeable and honest with her customers about what will work for them- which is hard to find in a stylist. Jessica doesn't try to up-sell you or talk you into colors/cuts that you aren't comfortable with. I will definitely be back over and over again!

Jennifer S. M., I want you to know how much I love my hair. It's gorgeous and I've been getting so many compliments. Thank you!!!
Debbie K., Thanks so much! My hair looks awesome!

Bonnie B. P., Jessica you do a great job on Seniors too!

Miranda B., Jessica, my mom and I miss you, especially our hair!!' Can't find anyone as good as you!!!
Heather R., My hair looks spectacular! You're like the best hairdresser, like ever! I seriously don't know what I did before you & I don't know what I'd ever do if you quit Me! My hair has been nothing but perfection since the first time you did it, seriously no bs.
Nicole D., I just want you to know... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair. I love it straight. I love it curly. I just love it! And you! Thank you for doing an amazing job!:)
Meredith M.,Thank you Jessica Lea Straub for the great new color and new hair style!!! I love it!! You are the best!!! :)
Alexandra K., Jessica is wonderful. Thanks for helping me feel normal again.
Sherry D., Jess is the best!!!
Samantha D., Guess my new do is giving me an exotic look. Been asked twice what is my ethnicity. :) Thank you
Tiffany T., I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair!! Jessica you did an amazingggg job I'm so happy!! Wouldn't let anyone else touch my hair ♥
Lisa C., Absolutely love my new short haircut!!! Thanks Jessica.
Heather R., Love my hair like this.. Best hairdresser, like Ever! thx Jes.

Heather S., Hey lady! My hair looks AWESOME!! Love, love, love it!!! And I gave your card to my friend Jessica today! :-)